ESL STAFF: Liane Voormeij


Language and language-learning have been an important part of my life ever since I can remember. I came to Canada with my parents from Austria when I was five. Right away I had to learn a new language-- English. I suppose I have been fascinated with sounds and words ever since. My formal education started in Montreal and ended in Utrecht, Holland. I have a B.A. with a specialization in teaching English as a second language from the University of Tilburg in Holland. In addition, I have taken courses in Old English, general linguistics and pre-nineteenth century literature.Because I lived for a long time in Holland, I acquired another language--Dutch. I think I understand by now what it means to be a second language learner. I have worked as both a freelance translator and a teacher for many years. In 1989 I began to teach at OUC, and I can honestly say that I love my job. Working with people who come here from all over the world is an exciting privilege. As far as personal interests are concerned, I can mention my three daughters, my friends, and hobbies like collecting old books and gardening. Generally I am drawn to the arts, specifically painting, sculpture, music, live performance, film and poetry. I enjoy discussing any and all forms of self-expression.

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