ESL STAFF: Ardiss Mackie



PhD, UBC, 2005.  Popular Film and English as a Second Language:  Toward a Critical Feminist Pedagogy of Identity and Desire.

MA, UBC,1994.  Shifting Ground:  A Feminist Curriculum Evaluation.

BEd TESL, Concordia University, Montreal, 1983.

Certificate in Greek Language (Honors), University of Athens, Greece, 1979.

Research Grants and Funding

Joseph Katz Memorial Prize, Faculty of Education, UBC, 2003/04.

Travel Grant, Faculty of Graduate Studies, UBC, 2002.

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Research Assistant, Teen Magazines, Identity, and Critical Literacy, 2000/01.

Travel Grant, Faculty of Education, UBC, 2001.

Travel Grant, Language and Literacy Department, UBC, 2000.

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Research Assistant, Preadmission Testing in Canadian Postsecondary Institutions, 1984/85.


Refereed Journals

Mackie, A.  (2003).  Race and desire:  Toward critical literacies in ESL.  TESL Canada Journal, 20, 2, 23-37.

Mackie, A.  (2001).  Popular identities:  Perpetuating myths, providing possibilities.  Pedagogy, Culture and Society, 9, 2, 289-296.

Mackie, A.  (1999).  Possibilities for feminism in ESL education and research.  TESOL Quarterly, 33, 3, 566-573.

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Mackie, A., R. Banko, & J. Upshur.  (1986).  Preadmission testing by post-secondary educational institutions in Canada.  TESL Canada Journal, 3, 2.


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Mackie, A., S. Begin, P. Bianco, & L. Kirkwold. (1990). Suspicious Minds. Longman: New York.

Non-refereed Journals

Mackie, A.  (1998).  The female English teacher abroad:  An identity constructed from The King and IRitsumeikan Studies in Language and Culture, September, 10, 1, 135-150.

Mackie, A. (1998). On opposite sides of the class? The critical curriculum as lived experience and modernist myths. Ritsumeikan University Journal of Policy Science, May, 45-53.

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Mackie, A.  (1985).  Pompeii rediscovered.  Viz:  A Magazine for Learners of English, 9.

Recent Presentations

Mackie, A.  (2005, April). Identity and Desire: English Language Teachers and Learners
in Popular Film.  AERA International Conference, Montreal, Quebec.

Mackie, A.  (2005, April).  Racial Identification and Language:  How teachers and students distinguish themselves.  ISLS International Conference, Montreal, Quebec.

Mackie, A., P. Markley, B. Morgan, B. Norton, A. Schenke, P. Thies.  (2002, April).  Critical Adult Education.  Paper presented at the TESOL Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Mackie, A., S. Canagarajah, R. Kubota, B. Morgan, B. Norton, and A. Pennycook.  (2001, March).  Applying Critical Approaches to the TESL/TESL Classroom.  Symposium conducted at the TESOL Conference, St. Louis, Missouri.

Mackie, A. & P. Markley.  (2000, March). Themes and Tasks for Critical Language Teaching.  Paper presented at the TESOL International Conference, Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Professional Employment


Between 1983 and 1993, I was a full-time ESL teacher at the University of Alberta, Alberta College, the Daqing Research and Design Institute (China), and OUC.  After completing a Master’s degree, I was a full-time lecturer at Ritsumeikan University, Japan in the Faculty of Policy Science.  Since returning from Japan, I have continued teaching full-time in the ESL Department at Okanagan University-College.

For the above institutions, I have:

•developed formal curriculum documents;

•designed complete programs for required use;

•written required placement examinations for new students.

Administration Experience

At the University of Alberta, I was Assistant Director of the English Language Program, from 1988-1990.  During this time, I was responsible for the entire program, including:

•representing the program at faculty meetings;

•maintaining international contracts;

•overseeing curriculum projects;

•holding staff meetings;

•mainting the budget;

•assessing teachers.

Previous to this position, I was the Academic Assistant (1986-1988) responsible for:

•budgeting and organizing international contracts;

•overseeing placement examinations;

•chairing program committees;

•coordinating new curricula;

•assessing final exams.

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